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To any potential clients of Camilla J. Desmarais, CPA:

After retiring from a military career in systems engineering, I realized a life ambition by opening an Italian restaurant, with my Wife and Dad, using my Grandmother’s recipes as the foundation of our menu. We began the business in 2003, opening the restaurant in 2004.

We worked with another accounting firm for several years. We were in a good economy, the business grew and we were doing well. However, as the economy tightened, we realized we didn’t have a very good handle on the financial or accounting side of the business. We didn’t feel we were getting what we expected from our current accountants.

Shortly thereafter, we were introduced to Camilla J. Desmarais, CPA by a mutual friend. In a very short time working together, Camilla helped us turn the corner.

Camilla made an immediate impact on our bottom line. She recognized we were paying unnecessarily high bank and credit card/merchant services rates. She helped us get these rates, fees and interest rates down, immediately lowering our expenses.

With her attention to our business, Camilla helped again when we were looking to buy or lease a new piece of kitchen equipment. She introduced us to the right bankers and helped us secure a favorable rate, saving us a significant amount on that acquisition. We have been able to invest those savings back into the business, helping us grow and expand.

Camilla helped us build a working Budget, enabling us to properly access our options and set realistic financial goals. Originally, we did our own bookkeeping in QuickBooks and on various spreadsheets.

Camilla has taken over our bookkeeping and accounting. She re-categorizes our transactions and gives us clear and accurate financial statements, asset reports and checkbook reconciliations every month, providing us current and up-to-date information.

Prior to working with Camilla, we paid ADP to do our payroll. We always seemed to have questions with their reports, but it was diñicult to get answers, as we never got the same customer-service person on the phone. Only after Camilla offered and took over our payroll, did we feel informed about pending tax and reporting changes, before they just happened. She became involved and pro-active, having us change the way we reported tip-share credits. She gave us confidence, knowing we were filing everything, correctly. She protected us and our employees, knowing that everyone was claiming their correct amounts.

This is just one concrete example of how Camilla does a great job, protecting me and my business. . .keeping us in-line with all tax filings and financial information, keeping us informed and helping us make better business decisions.

Camilla J. Desmarais and her staff pay attention to all the details of our business.

Over the years they’ve caught a number of things we missed or overlooked, saving us money and penalties.

As a result, we’ve developed the utmost respect and confidence in Camilla’s integrity.

We know Camilla has our best interests in mind and that our information and conñdentiality is being protected. Unfortunately, we did not always feel that way about our accountants.

And, if I may add, Camilla has made herself and her advice available to us by phone, by email and in person, on weekends, and nights on many occasions. That’s a rare commodity in business today.

For all the reasons I’ve highlighted above, we at Bella Cucina Restaurant, in Southport, NC are very happy to say we’re clients of the Camilla J. Desmarais, CPA Íirm and highly recommend her services to anyone. We can say with confidence that you will enjoy the personal and financial benefits that we have, working with Camilla and her firm.

Please feel free to call or stop in for a great meal to ask me more about why we recommend making Camilla J. Desmarais, CPA. - your accountants!


Thomas J. McAndrews, III
Bella Cucina LLC

To whom it may concern:

We have been working with the firm of Camilla J. Desmarais, CPA since we opened our restaurant in Southport, NC two years ago. We are very happy with the work they do for us.

Camilla and her staff keep us informed about our tax liabilities and prepare all of the required tax and information returns. Working with Camilla makes us feel confident that we are not overlooking any tax liabilities and takes away this burden.

They also provide us with monthly financial statements which keep us well-informed of how our business is doing. This allows us to see patterns in our cash-flow and expenses, helps us to better manage the business, and allows us to control costs, make better business decisions, and keep our focus on our customers and running the restaurant.

In addition to handling our payroll and taxes, Camilla has been available to answer any questions we’ve had.

Everyone we work with are friendly, professional and a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend the services of the firm of Camilla J. Desmarais, CPA to anyone looking for quality accounting services.


Angie Goodwin
Local’s Family Diner of Southport
832 N. Howe Street
Southport, NC

I am incredibly satisfied with the services I have received from Camilla J. Desmarais, CPA. Everything was completed in a timely manner, and I felt like I was given the personal attention I deserved. With all of my questions answered and bookkeeping taken care of, I am able to focus more time on the actual operations of my business. Monthly reports and advice go a long way, as well. I now know which parts of my business can be improved and where to focus my efforts. Camilla J. Desmarais, CPA has been there for all of my needs and is always willing to help in any way possible. I highly recommend their services for any business that wishes to be successful.

David Doyle, Mobile Graphics
101 N. Middleton St
Oak Island 28465

Camilla J. Desmarais, CPA is a real godsend, referred to me by the lawyer who incorporated my business. I am a first time business owner and was facing a really steep learning curve. Finance is certainly not my strong suit and I didn’t even know what questions I should be asking. Camilla was welcoming and put me at ease. She explained, in terms I could understand, what I would need to do to keep my records. Camilla completed the business portion of my tax return and set me up for quarterly reports for the coming year. She balances competence and knowledge with warmth and friendliness, which is important to me. I really appreciate having her on my team.

Paula Curtis-Burn
Personal Energy Transformation, LLC
3960 Executive Park Blvd., Suite 5
Southport, NC 28461

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